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Building teamwork, ball control & leadership

Our football coaches qualified by the Football Association at Level 2 and have over 30 years of coaching and playing experience.
We use small-sided fun, active and engaging games to help develop key skills in footwork, spatial awareness, ball control, passing, teamwork, leadership, and game play.

It's time to hit the pitch

One of the most popular games in the UK, football is traditionally played between two teams of eleven players. Some variations have as many as 18 players in a team, others as few as five. The aim of the game is to kick a ball into a rectangular goal. Players generally score by kicking the ball but can use any other part of their body, except their hands or arms, to get the ball past a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to use their hands to stop or throw the ball.

The game is played in a clearly defined area with each team trying to dominate the other’s territory to get near enough to and get the ball in the net and score a goal. Strict rules are in place to prevent foul play or unsportsmanlike behaviour

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