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Giving agility, confidence & co-ordination

Our qualified coaches have many years of experience coaching all ages and abilities from the age of 2 up to 20-year olds.

Build your team skills with Rugby

Two teams of fifteen players compete with each other to get possession of an oval-shaped ball from their opponents and score points. They can carry, pass, throw or kick the ball. They score points rather than goals. Points are scored in two ways. One is to score a try, worth five points, by placing the ball in the ‘try area’ behind their opponents’ goal posts. The other is by kicking the ball through the upper half of the H-shaped goal. 
We use small-sided fun, active and engaging games to teach key skills of catching, passing and evasion that help each player develop their ability by letting them explore through a variety of challenging and exciting activities. From Early Years through to Key stage 2 we focus on tag rugby, whereby children gain in confidence and ability to enjoy playing contact rugby when they reach Key Stage 3 and continue to university level

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